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Upper Yough Training


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How can I be really confident on class IV rivers? In this program, we answer that question by combining strength training, stroke work, and practice rolling in heavy whitewater. All of these are skills needed to paddle the solid class IV+ Upper Yough.

In May through June, the program consists of:

1. Slalom workouts are on weekday evenings, every Tues or Wed 6-8 PM, to build strength and precise strokes at the feeder canal. (Total of eight 2 hr. workouts)

2. Workouts on the Potomac, Saturday mornings, for boat control and quick recovery in powerful water. 9 -11 am (Total of eight downriver workouts).

3. Day trips to the Upper Yough. Once the trainee qualifies you may sign up for up to 2 trips to the Upper Yough. 2017 dates: May 26, May 27, June 17, July 8. When you register for the program, please email with the dates you would like to attend.

All plans are weather and river level dependent, so we have to stay in touch. We communicate with the group using Google Groups, when you sign up we will add your email address to the Google Groups list-serv.

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